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Healing Your Core Wound Part 1 & 2

June 8th 7:30PM & June 9th 11AM PDT

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Healing Your Core Wound Part 1 & 2

Healing Your Core Wound
Part 1 of 2
June 8th 7:30PM PDT

During this Friday evening group healing event, Matt will help you explore and heal the core wounds that seem to hold you back.

This event is ideal for those who are ready to:
Make peace with emotional pain
Release the guilt and shame of the past
Resolve the feeling of wanting to “go home”

This Friday evening event will also include the clearing of the root chakra. It is part 1 of a full weekend healing experience that continues the following day.

Healing Your Core Wound
Part 2 of 2
June 9th 11AM - 5PM PDT

Building on the energetic momentum of the previous night’s healing, this 1 day healing immersion offers interactive experiences and brand new healing processes to deepen the healing of core wounds. No previous experience is necessary. There will be a 90 minute lunch break during this event.

This 1 day immersion is perfect for those ready to:
Feel safe and supported in the body — no matter the circumstance
Trust the Universe at a deeper level and allow life to serve you
Discover the true inner confidence of your soul’s natural state

This immersion will also include the activation and grounding of the root chakra to compliment the clearing work done on the root chakra the night before.

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