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Eliminating Fear - Part 1 & 2

July 6th 7:30PM & July 7th 11AM MDT

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Eliminating Fear - Part 1 & 2

Eliminating Fear
Part 1 of 2
July 6th 7:30PM MDT

During this Friday evening group healing event, Matt will help you pinpoint the core of fear and assist you beyond it in the most loving way.

This event is ideal for those who are ready to:
Release self-doubt
Heal emotional despair
Resolve feeling overwhelmed

This Friday evening event will also include the clearing of the sacral chakra. It is part 1 of a full weekend healing experience that continues the following day.

Eliminating Fear
Part 2 of 2
July 7th 11Am - 5PM MDT

Building on the energetic momentum of the previous night’s healing, this 1 day healing immersion offers interactive experiences and brand new healing processes to help you experience life beyond the boundaries of fear. No previous experiences is necessary. There will be a 90 minute lunch break during this event.

This 1 day immersion is perfect for those ready to:
Awaken a renewed sense of inner passion
Ignite a deeper sense of purpose
Activate the inner gifts you were born to express

This immersion will also include the activation and balancing of the sacral chakra to compliment the clearing work done on the sacral chakra the night before.
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